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With over 35 years of experience, AGM Abogados has always had the same objective: to find the best and fastest solutions to our clients’ legal problems. That is why we have an international team of over 100 professionals, located in Madrid, Barcelona, Sabadell and Paris; each one specialises in their practice area and, above all, they are passionate about their work. We are one of the top law firms in Spain and the only Spanish one to have its own office in France.


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How to obtain residence for entrepreneurship in Spain with your business project?

Marc Fernández de la Peña, Head of Immigration Area. AGM Abogados A foreigner who decides to start a business project in Spain will have to initiate several procedures,…

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AGM increases its turnover by 12.9% and climbs in the annual ranking of Expansión

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New developments in European law on migration issues

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What is the Clúster Audiovisual of Madrid and what are its objectives?

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(Video) Webinar | Visado y autorización de residencia para profesionales del sector audiovisual o artístico


AGM Abogados again recognised by the international directory The Legal 500

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The story of AGM Abogados began with the enthusiasm of 4 friends who decided to create a law firm that would provide excellent and customised legal solutions to its clients. Today, more than 35 years later, and thanks to many people’s efforts and confidence, AGM is now one of the biggest law firms in Spain.

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AGM Abogados was founded.

More than 35 years ago, 4 entrepreneurs, with support from family and friends, combined their enthusiasm to make their dream come true: they created a law firm.

The firm joined the Lawrope group.
In the 1990s, AGM Abogados joined the international law firm Lawrope, which comprises firms from around the world, enabling us to provide our services outside Spain.

(Video) Webinar | Opciones de residencia para trabajar en una startup en España

A new office was opened in Madrid.
In 1996, based on the growth outlook that has always characterised AGM, we opened an office in Madrid, with a strategic location in the city’s financial district.

A new office was opened in Sabadell.

Since Sabadell is one of the pioneers in the industrial revolution in Catalonia and has a long tradition in the textile industry, AGM Abogados opened another office in this city.

Francisco Lacasa was appointed as the Lawrope Chairman.

Francisco Lacasa, one of the firm’s founding partners, became the Chairman of the international law group Lawrope for a period of 2 years. His appointment was adopted unanimously at Lawrope’s Annual Congress, which was held in Porto (Portugal).

The firm opened its first office in Paris.

Since the firm has always aimed at providing the best possible help to our clients, in 2008 and with the name of AGM Avocats, we expanded our area of work to Paris by opening our own office in the heart of the French capital, with a 100% bilingual team. In that way, AGM Abogados made sure that it was present where its clients needed it.

Effective presence in Asia through a representative office in Shanghai.

Jordi Rovira was appointed as the Lawrope Chairman.

The international law group Lawrope appointed Jordi Rovira, CEO of the firm, as the group’s new Chairman for a period of 2 years. His appointment was adopted at Lawrope’s Annual Congress, which was held in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Opening of the new offices of our branch in Madrid.

The firm joined the international network SCG Legal.
AGM Abogados joined the worldwide network SCG Legal, made up of 122 law firms around the world, with the aim of offering international global advice to our clients.

  • "AGM's M&A team has been instrumental in the creation of our investment boutique. With their ongoing support we can confidently pursue the opportunities in the Spanish market."

    Dwight Senduk – CEO at Vroc Properties

  • "Customers like you, we make us grow. Every day we have the opportunity to learn from people like you, with an incredible experience applied in a top-level law firm."

    Justo López Fabo – Managing Partner at Level Programs

  • "Key words like trust, caution, foresight and patience define very well the work of a whole team of professionals. Thank you. M. J. Montero for your recommendation, the best decision I could make 5 years ago."

    Dental Cor Gavà

  • "Working with AGM abogados, I felt like finally I can trust my lawyers and delegate all the tasks. I have never had such a great experience with law firms; they took care of everything in a super professional manner while they were really modest and collaborative.Whenever I need them I am sure that I can easily find them because they have an exclusive support service, and they immediately answer all the question and doubts.Furthermore, they speak English fluently and that is such an important criteria for me and I guess for other foreigners who cannot communicate in Spanish."

    Roozbeh Rahimi

  • “Since AGM has provided its services to us in the areas of residence permits and visas for our family, we have received advice and been represented in a very professional and impeccable way! For over four years, Maria Eugenia Blasco Rodellar and some of her assistants have provided us with their knowledge, experience and willingness to solve all the inconveniences and problems in these areas.”

    Fernando Fantini

  • "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your support, but above all for your commitment to my case. You always go above and beyond, individually and as a firm. Thank you because the impact this has is, as you know, completely transcendental. Thank you very much and I hope to count on you for the next time".

    Andrés Castillo

  • "Eugenia did a thorough and brilliant job. In it, she reflected her experience, skill and humanity. Thank you very much to AGM Abogados for the realization of your work, as well as for the patience you have had with me and with my process. Now, everything is finished and I am a Spanish citizen. I will strongly recommend your services to other immigrants who come to me for guidance".

    Juliano Da Silva Oliveira

  • "We have worked with AGM Abogados and are very pleased to be working. AGM is our most trusted company in Spain. They take care of our every problem seriously and conclude them on time, so we always prefer them because of that. Their approach to customers is always friendly and sincere. We thank AGM Abogados"

    Cigdem Karlik

  • "We know AGM Abogados from Esther Shi. Esther has been helping us with our questions, and advising us with her expertise. We are not only impressed by her patience and dedication, but also by her knowledge and capability. Great experience and we look forward to the further cooperation with AGM Abogados"

    Xu Pengpeng

  • "Having AGM enables us to meet our targets efficiently. Our company needs a legal advice service that provides answers and solutions; AGM does this rapidly by using its experience and technical knowledge and generating considerable trust."

    Ana González López – Seidor

  • “I am very happy, I was looking for help with legal tax issues for a long time and, I have to say, that the attention has been formidable. I will not hesitate to recommend you every time I have the opportunity”

    David Campillo Martínez

  • "My partner and I have had the pleasure of working with AGM Abogados in several areas. We have always received a very professional, high quality and fast service. One of the features which was very convenient and important to us was that they have many departments specialising in different areas, so any questions can be solved by them without having to seek another specialist law firm for each matter.Apart from being very professional in all the matters, the team is very pleasant at a personal level.We recommend all their services."

    Tatiana Ivanova - Natura Sibérica

  • "I must highlight the professionalism and human warmth of the AGM Abogados team. They resolved my residence permit successfully. Right from the start, they provided all the necessary information in a clear and accessible way, and the communication was excellent throughout the process. Many thanks to Maria Eugenia and Marc for all their help!"

    Natalia Schmarsow – Employee at Bbraun Medical

  • "I am very pleased with the help that they gave me with the documents to establish myself in Spain. Right from the start, they explained in detail all the steps and the documents required to carry out all the formalities without any problem. They answered all the queries I had during the process, and always in fine detail. I am clearly very satisfied with their treatment and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with them."

    Martín Molina

  • "Many thanks for your advice and excellent management. You are a very professional team that is sensitive to their clients' needs. I will undoubtedly recommend you to other people.”

    Diana Villarraga

  • "We are very satisfied with the service provided. They are always willing to answer our queries throughout the process; despite the time difference, we had communication at all times and always had information about the situation. Although the processing took longer as a result of administration issues, AGM Abogados provided support so that we could manage the formalities."

    César Mejía

  • I had a really a great experience with AGM where they had to take care of the creation of my company ,change of residency permit my case both were quite difficult steps due to the complexity of being a non -European but AGM managed it with a continuous communication flow and efficient deliveries. I got now the company created and residency cards are released... Highly recommended !

    Anouar Ouali Alami

  • "Having hired AGM to carry out several legal formalities, I can safely say that I am very satisfied with them and they have all my trust. They are always open-minded and ready to resolve any doubts about diverse legal matters."

    Daniel Vasquez

  • "In 2017, the Immigration Department of AGM Abogados helped me to process my residence permit in Spain. Both Maria Eugenia and Marc accompanied me throughout the process and were always available. The process was successful and I would recommend working with them thanks to their professionalism and willingness."

    Daniel Bayona

  • "I have worked with AGM in the areas of mercantile law and venture capital, with a team of specialised and highly qualified professionals who use an efficient work method and monitor the transactions in detail."

    Miguel Castro – CEO at Vantaa Capital

  • “I put everything in the hands of AGM lawyers were very quick, professional, friendly and effective: I totally recommend it to people who find themselves in the situation so desperate that I was”.

    Pablo Molinero Aldeguer

    (Video) Webinar | La ETVE española y los convenios de doble imposición
(Video) Webinar | ¿Qué impuestos deben pagar los no residentes en España y en Portugal?

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